Indonesia & Vietnam are in top countries for traveling alone

Travel & Leisure recently has released a list of 10 best countries for traveling alone. Indonesia and Vietnam in Southeast Asia participation in the 6th and 10th position in the list.

Famous website Travel & Leisure has just published a list of the countries which are the best suited for people who like to travel alone . Results based on the Happy Planet Index ( shows the relationship between longevity, comfort and behaviors impact on the environment in 151 countries ), the Global Peace Index ( ranking 162 countries based on the safe – travelers can feel the full trip alone without fear of abduction ) .


The list of top 10 countries for traveling alone:

1. New Zealand

2. Norway

3. Swiss

4. Costa Rica

5. Austria

6. VietNam

7. Chile

8. Japan

9. Switzerland

10. Indonesia

feeature image: saida


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