Da Nang and Pattaya are in 8 most colourful cities in the world

Eight Cities has selected by Sky Scanner to be the most colorful cities in the world. Two of them are cities in Southeast Asia: Da Nang City in Vietnam and Pattaya in Thailand.

Da Nang, Vietnam


Da Nang’s fire-breathing dragon bridge

Da Nang’s claim to colourful fame is the fire-breathing dragon bridge over the Han River. Each night at around 9pm, a spectacular light show of dragons spurting fire and water with LED lights illuminating its body begs to be seen. It’s all part of a grand plan to enliven the city, so we’ll be expecting even more exciting and colourful light-ups in future.

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Pattaya, Thailand

pattayaColourful hotels and houses in Pattaya city

Sun, sand and sea: get a dose of ooomph with colour! Attracting millions of tourists every year, Pattaya’s colourful hotels and houses add a zestful charm to an already vibrant resort. Be it family fun, water sports, or electrifying partying, Pattaya is always brimming with life. Get out your camera for that perfect beach shot.

The list:

1. Jodhpur, India

2. Pattaya, Thailand

3. Jaipur, India

4. Guilin, China

5. Arashiyama, Kyoto, Japan

6. Brighton, Melbourne, Australia

7. i-City, Shah Alam, Malaysia

8. Da Nang, Vietnam


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