Overview of Putao

Putao is the northernmost town of Kachin State, Myanmar. This charming town situated on the bank of Namlaung River and surrounded by snow-capped mountains and where the weather is cold year around.

putao map

Putao is the starting point for Myanmar’s most adventurous trekking expeditions to Mount Khaka Bo Razi and Mount Gam Lan Razi; it is an adventure to remember. The area around Putao is famous for the variety of endemic birds and rare orchids, which grow naturally. Many orchid lovers are especially attracted by the so called “Black Orchid” that can be found in the mountains east and west of Putao.We can do trekking and rafting on the beautiful Namlaung River or the more testing Makah River (known as the “Everest of Rivers”). The suspension bridges are the typical river crossing system in the region.

putao myanmar

image: remotelands.com

For fauna, some of the rarest animal species such as the Takin and the Red Panda among Black Bears, Black Deers, are simply endemic to the protected region. The best time to visit is from November to April. It can only be reached by road during summer (for nationals) but is accessible year round by air if there are sufficient tourist groups to justify a plane.


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